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Turocola Alexis y Fido - Rompe La Cintura (Video y Letra)

Letra de "Alexis y Fido - Rompe La Cintura"La vi llegar, sexy me miroOh, muy sensacionalEh yeah, me cautivoMe descontrolo ohHoy vuelvo a la vidaMueve lo que tu mama te dioPrende en fuego tu faldita, sueltate el peloYo se que tu quieres bañemonos en sudorVen bailame, no me digas que noHoy vuelvo a la.. más »

Turocola Alanis Morissette - Guardian (Video y Letra)

Letra de "Alanis Morissette - Guardian"You, you who has smiled when you?re in painYou who has soldiered through the profaneThey were distracted and shut downSo why, why would you talk to me at allSuch words were dishonorable and in vainTheir promise as solid as a fogAnd where was your watchman thenI... más »

Turocola Estelle - Wonderful Life (Video y Letra)

Letra de "Estelle - Wonderful Life"What makes my day slow downWatching the rain and now I?m not on timeI?m ?bout to lay down and cryBoss on the other lineHad a fight with my man, cause heSwears I?m lying to him constantlyCausing drama like you won?t believeJust one day, I wanna wake up and sayHey! I... más »

Turocola Pet Shop Boys - Winner (Video y Letra)

Letra de "Pet Shop Boys - Winner"This is the moment, we?ll rememberEvery day for the rest of out livesTime may rush us, hurt or love usbut on this day we have arrivedIt?s been a long time comingWe?ve been in the running for so longBut now we?re on our wayLet the ride just take usSide by side and mak... más »

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Turocola Madonna - Turn Up The Radio (Video y Letra)

Letra de "Madonna - Turn Up The Radio"When the world starts to get you downAnd nothing seems to go your wayAnd the noise of the maddening crowdMakes you feel like you´re going to go insaneThere's a glow of a distant lightCalling you to come outsideTo feel the wind on your face and your skinAnd it's .. más »

Turocola Green Day - Oh Love (Video y Letra)

Letra de "Green Day - Oh Love"Oh! loveOh! loveWon't you rain on me tonightOh! lifeOh! lifePlease don't pass me byDon't stopDon't stopWhen the red lights flashOh! rideFree rideWon't you take me close to youFar awayFar awayWaste away tonightI'm wearing my heart on a nooseFar awayFar awayWaste away ton... más »

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Turocola Keane - Black Rain (Video y Letra)

Letra de "Keane - Black Rain"I open my eyes, everything shinesWe swim as the breeze blows down the coastDown on my luck, breathing my lastDirty your hands, carry me homeRed sky turning round, black rain falling downIf you?ve got love you?d better hope that that?s enoughSandstorm cuts your skin, Blac... más »

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Turocola Vazquez Sounds - Let It Be (Video y Letra)

Letra de "Vazquez Sounds - Let It Be"When I find myself in times of troubleMother Mary comes to meSpeaking words of wisdom, let it beAnd in my hour of darknessShe is standing right in front of meSpeaking words of wisdom, let it beLet it be, let it beLet it be, let it beWhisper words of wisdom, let i... más »

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Turocola Enrique Bunbury - El Solitario (Video y Letra)

Letra de "Enrique Bunbury - El Solitario"En mi vida yo nunca he sido felizLas estrellas me iluminan al revésPues ya pienso que si volviera a nacerHeredaba una traición y un gran sufrirPor eso quisiera hoy ahogarme en el licorPara olvidar la traición de una mujerMientras viva no dejaré de beberHasta más »

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Turocola Gary Barlow - Sing (Video y Letra)

Letra de "Gary Barlow - Sing" Some words they can?t be spoken only sang,So hear a thousand voices shouting love.There?s a place, there?s a time,In this life when you sing what you are feeling,Find your feet, stand your ground,Don?t you see,Right now the world is listening to what we say.Sing it loud... más »